Sam Fant

Sam Fant

Sam Fant was born and raised in the City of Stockton. As a son of a Stockton Firefighter of 33 years and a Mother who worked as a counselor for the Women’s Center of San Joaquin County, he was raised to serve his community. After graduating from Lincoln High School, Sam went on to attend the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Academy and studied criminal justice at Merced College where he earned his certificate in Peace officers Standards and Training.

Sam was appointed as Stockton’s youngest planning commissioner at the age of 21 in 2009 and elected by his fellow commissioners to serve as chairman in 2011-2012.

Gov. Jerry Brown appointed Sam Fant as a Director of The San Joaquin County Fairgrounds in 2012 where he currently serves and was instrumental in working to save the Fair and Asparagus Festival.

Sam Fant was elected to the Board of Education in 2012 and serves as an executive Board Member and Delegate representing all of the school districts in San Joaquin County. Sam Fant has been a youth & high school football coach for over 10 years and has served as a Parks & recreation Commissioner for the last 4 years. His leadership has had a profound positive effect on our community.

Sam Fant’s Candidate Statement


“Born and Raised in Stockton, my father was a Stockton Firefighter, and mother a counselor for the Women’s Center; I learned that leadership requires sacrifice and hard work.   I am dedicated to our community; I will not stop until we make it better for all.

Stocktonians have been overtaxed to cover the RECKLESS spending of City Hall! We need leadership that will focus our resources on public safety, Jobs, and positive outlets for our youth.  I have been fighting for these things for as long as I can remember.  Attending the Sheriff’s Academy, I saw firsthand how community based public safety can make us safer.”

My work on the Stockton planning commission, gave me insight as to how to bring businesses to Stockton.  Also, being a high school and youth football coach, as well as a School Board Trustee, I am committed to building strong youth programs to teach our youth the value of teamwork, responsibility, and hard work.  I am ready and have the experience to be your City Council representative.

If you elect me as you City Council representative, I will always put STOCKTON’S interests in front of special interests.  Stockton deserves Better!”

Sam Fant Likes Education

Sam Fant’s Vision for Stockton

“I am honored and proud to announce my candidacy for Stockton city council representing South Stockton.”

Sam Fant


As a victim of crime in Stockton, and someone who has suffered the tragic loss of loved ones; I know how essential it is to make sure that our Police department is at full Strength and have the necessary tools to be successful.


I will personally meet with companies and work to lower fees to attract businesses that will Employ & Retain Stockton residents. I will work to create vocational & educational opportunities for our kids; Preparing them for 21st century work force.

No More TAXES!

We have been taxed to the Limit in Stockton. Measure A & Measure W Sales tax, and now as of August 1st, 2016 we are being taxed even more for our Water. Stocktonians should not have to bail out the fiscal irresponsibility of city leadership. I will not support any proposed increases to waste and utility Taxes. As a School Board Trustee, I have cut taxes for the residents in my District.